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HDPS Introduction

Haiduan elementary school was established in 1922. The school consists of seven classes, including one preschool and six classes (from grade one to grade six) of the elementary school. There are seventy students in the school. Our school is located within the entry of east section of Southern Cross-Island Provincial Highway (Taiwan twenty lines). The central administration is just next to our campus.
The square measure of the campus is about two hectares. The buildings of our school are designed in Bunun style, and the school buildings are commodious and comfortable. There is a large grassland in the campus and there are lots of plants of folk custom from Bunun culture. Such as Roxburgh Sumac for the gunpowder’s making, Lagerstroemia subcostata for the trap’s making, and Ring-cupped Oak for the buttstock’s making. Furthermore, there are four old trees that planted over one hundred years in the campus, including three Autumn maple trees and one Cinnamomum camphora. That is the most beautiful scenery in our school.
Also, we constructed a tree house by one of the old trees few years ago. This tree house is designed in traditional Bunun house style. We set up the outdoor shelves, the sandpit and the writing platform within the tree house’s surrounding. Here is the most popular place for the students’ activities.
To love, to live, and to learn! This is the educational vision of our school. Besides the seven learning areas (including language, math, science and technology, social studies, Health and Physical Education, Arts and Humanities), we plan a lot of interesting learning associations for the students. Such as recorder association, concert band association, traditional songs association, Erhu
(Chinese 2-string fiddle, alto fiddle) association, football association, Food and Agriculture Education, course in photography with narrations, Mountain Education, and D.F.C. curriculum.